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When breeding is a hobby or a passion, you may find yourself wanting some more splice in the outcome of the pups you'll receive.

Welcome to Genetic Mutations 101


Outside the basic understanding of how the 'Bucks breed, a genetic mutation can occur via breeding.

To have a pup be born with a genetic mutation, one of the parents will need to own the item of the mutation and be a carrier.

Parents who own the item in their inventory will be given 2 copies of the mutation in their traits. One is recessive and the other is dominant. That parent is called a "carrier". Carriers cannot be affected by the mutation, only their offspring. Offspring that inherited the mutation will be affected and can pass the gene on.

Carriers can carry more than one mutation, but pups will only inherit one mutation. Mutations do not stack.

Carriers are 'Bucks that are typically not a Genos, however, a Genos can still receive the item and become a carrier.


When breeding a carrier to a non-carrier, the outcome is 50%
When breeding a carrier to a carrier the outcome is still 50%

Genetic mutations do not count for color count, each having its own rules.


Recessive and Dominant genes

Recessive genes are the lesser of the two, typically limited to an amount/range of the mutation. It's not as strong or present.

Dominant genes are the greater of the two. The dominant gene is typically on the greater scale of the mutation, where the range can stretch over a large % of the body

Phantom genes

Phantom genes happen when a mutation's rule does not affect the pups pelt (ie. Merle only affects black/dark borderline black colors. It will not affect light colors. so if a pups palette is white and red, it will not be affected by the merle gene)

Phantom genes are still in the pup's genetics and can still be passed on, they aren't visible on the pup unless the mutation affected the eyes.


list of current mutations
These are hyperlinks

Albinism (link)

Canary (link)

Cardinal (link)

Dilute (link)

Jay (link)

Melanism (link)

Merle (link)

Piebald (link)

Touch of Corruption (link)




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