Design Rules

Created: 24 August 2023, 16:17:31 PDT
Last updated: 25 April 2024, 19:29:44 PDT
General Design Rules

General rules that apply for (most) species and subspecies within the 'Buck World

➙Any fur color
➙Glowing markings
➙Any tail types (except bone tails & tails like chomping monster tails) are allowed UNLESS the rarity you're making requires a certain tail type
➙Accessories (Terrors, Brawlers, Bruisers & any Buckleo can have collars with more than 2 spikes, other rarities can only have collars with 2 or less spikes due to it being a trait)
➙ 'Bucks are allowed to have 1 main hairstyle/color and then two alternative options, any other alt options will require a hair dye
➙Armor, Masks, etc (If a rarity requires armor you must give it to them)
➙Prosthetic limbs are allowed on any 'buck but it must not be mecha and can only be one limb (Mecha parts are reserved for solarmech & mecha 'bucks)
➙Element breathing- Breathing abilities (E.g.- Breathing fire) can only be used if your 'buck has a breath core
➙Elemental Abilities- Reserved for Yarujai and 'buck with the elemental item

Not Allowed
➙We do NOT permit bucks to be heavily based off characters (Anime, games, shows, YouTubers, etc), this includes clothes. The most you are allowed to reference is color palettes and hairstyle inspiration 
➙Skeletal heads- Skeletal heads are no longer permitted in the species as they are now considered an illegal trait. Previous ‘bucks with Skeletal heads are still considered to be a part of the species but are strictly non-lore
➙Excessive reptile traits- 'Bucks without a rarity with reptilian traits can have reptilian tails HOWEVER the scaling and/or spikes cannot be too large
➙Mutations- Mutations are not allowed, this goes for the whole species (I.g.- extra limbs, extra eyes, etc.) unless an item permits it
➙Wings- Wings are restricted to specific series and royals, so unless your buck is that series or a royal you cannot give them wings
➙Excessive cropping of the ears- This goes for the entire species excluding Brawlers, Terrors, and Bruisers. Your ‘bucks ears can be cropped/chopped however they must stay within boundaries
➙Mechanical parts- ‘bucks cannot have any mechanical parts unless they are solarmech or a mecha 'buck
➙Bone tails/monster tails- This was once allowed during the early stages of ‘bucks but it is no longer acceptable. By monster tails we mean things like tails that are alive, can chomp things, etc
➙You can not turn non-buck designs into bucks or make buck forms of existing characters. This was once allowed but due to people not trading both versions of said character when selling/trading we no longer allow people to do this

➙ For non-terrors, bruisers, and brawlers, we allow SMALL fangs but we do not allow them to have fnags past a certain length below



Specific Species & Rarity Rules

If you are looking to find the rules of a specific species or rarity within the 'buck world please view our traits guide
This will give access to specific feral form rules, humanoid rules, or other misc rules that belong to the rarity you are looking at. As well as giving visual examples of completed approved designs for said rarity. 

Changing a design that already exists

If a design already exists on the database you can change one small thing in one area to a design (removing one small marking, changing eye color, etc)
If you would like to edit a design further a make-over kit is required in order to fully revamp an old design into something new
If a 'buck contains illegal traits you are allowed to edit the design fully without a make-over kit as long as all illegal traits are removed