Color Count

Created: 5 September 2023, 23:16:24 PDT
Last updated: 16 May 2024, 15:45:52 PDT
color count

Color count is the amount of colors on a 'buck coat, each 'buck must have an accurate color count & a palette is preferred to be visible on refs of your 'bucks. Color count is necassary to this species because its an important factor in our genos system, aka the ability for most 'bucks to breed and create offspring.

What counts towards color count and not?

Color count is made up of the 'bucks coat colors, therefore not everything on a 'buck counts toward its color count.
What does NOT count towards color count is (please note not every 'buck has these traits as some of these just apply to specific 'bucks):
Inner Ears
Paw Pads
Primal Core
Primal Whiskers
Desmo Membranes
False Pelts

How to properly count a gradient

Gradients consist of at least 2 colors, the point at which the colors meet does NOT count towards the color count.  


Gradients should not be obstructed like in the image below

when a gradient is obstructed it creates a new color, cutting off from the original color point.

Note: If you're working with a MYO and not a Genos, you may obstruct a gradient, just note that it will change the CC as now you have created a new color.