Breeding Guide

Created: 21 August 2023, 13:01:28 PDT
Last updated: 15 May 2024, 14:43:19 PDT
Breeding "Geno" System
We have our own "geno" system that generates and determines what pups you'll get from your breeding!
Determined by a 50/50 roll
Fur Type
Determined by a 50/50 roll
Color Count
Determined by adding both parents' color amount together and then generating a number 1 to that number (E.g.- Parent 1 has 3 colors and Parent 2 has 4 colors. A number 1-7 will be rolled)
Determined by the generator randomly picking one parent's rarity, multiple of one parent's rarities (if the parent was a crossbreed/mutt), or a combination of both parents' rarities
Crossbreeds/Mutts are when the generator pulls a combination of both parents' rarities (a 30% chance) HOWEVER if a parent is a mutt/crossbreed already there is a chance of the roller picking that one parent and passing down more than just one of its rarities (a 50% chance)

Rarity Example One
Parent 1: Primal x Normal Buckleo
Parent 2: Arctic x Alpha x Primal

Say the roller picks just parent 1 as what rarity the genos will be, there is still a chance of it rolling more than one of parent 1's rarities (E.g. It could come out as a Primal, a Normal Buckleo OR a Primal x Normal Buckleo since these are all rarities within parent 1)

Rarity Example Two
Parent 1: Arctic Buckleo
Parent 2: Dire Buckleo
Say the roller generates a mutt, the genos would be an Arctic x Dire Buckleo
If the roller does not generate a mutt since neither parent is a crossbreed/mutt there is no chance of getting another rarity rolled into the genos


You can breed 'Bucks that have relation to one another, however, it is very frowned upon. It’s only considered safe when the family member(s) they share are separated by 4 generations. Inbreeding can lead to stillborn, so it is not recommended. 


Breeding Permits and how they work

Unlimited Breeding Permits are 250 USD or 500 BP
These permits never expire 
Can only be applied to one breedable 'buck

To obtain a permit they can be purchased in our Nursery for USD or BP, alternatively, you can search for users here or in our Discord Server that are looking to trade their items for other things. Permits are also sometimes given as a reward for events and prompts as well as free-to-enter raffles.

You can breed your 'Buck up to 4 times a month, but it has to be at least 5 days in between each breeding session.

You can ask other members if you can breed your 'Buck with theirs, however, they must have a permit attached to the 'Buck you wish to breed with. Please be sure to come to an agreement about who the pup(s) goes to before putting in the breeding request.


Other breeding items

To buy any of these items listed below please visit our Nursery Shop

Love Elixir: Allows same-sex 'Bucks to breed by changing one's sex for the breeding duration
Price: 10 USD or 20 BP


Shimmering Strawberry: Apply this fruit to a breeding request to gain a 70% boost of female 'Bucks to be born
Price: 5 USD or 10 BP

Cool Blueberry: Apply this fruit to a breeding request to gain a 70% boost of male 'Bucks to be born
Price: 5 USD or 10 BP

Mutt Boost: Increases chance to obtain a mutt by 30%.
Price: 30 USD or 60 BP

Extra Puppies: If used instead of one puppy you have the chance of obtaining am amount of puppies between two and nine. .
Price: 1 Specialty Token


Breeding Cooldown: Removes the breeding cooldown from both parents in a single pairing (applied during breeding).
Price: 1 Specialty Token


Who Gets the Genos
You must decide on who gets what yourselves. Please be sure to decide this before submitting your breeding request. It is not our responsibility to resolve disagreements and disputes regarding who owns what.
Selling/Trading/Gifting Genos
You are allowed to sell genos even if it was the free pup given to you automatically from breeding however you can only sell genos that were originally yours
If you are selling a genos you bought from someone else you can only sell that genos for the same price you bought it for or less
You can trade your genos on-site or in our Discord Server
You can gift genos to other users
You can sell your unwanted genos to the Vendor/Adoption Center for BP

Pricing Guide
Normal Series: Max of 20 USD
Rare/Non-Exclusive Series: Max of 40 USD
Exclusive Bucks: Max of 100 USD Event Exclusive Bucks: Max of 100 USD
Seasonal Bucks: Max of 100 USD
Mutts & Crossbreeds: Max of 100 USD
-Be fair when selling your genos! If you need some assistance on how much your genos is worth, please feel free to ask in the Discord Servers Q&A channel!