Alibuck (Normal)

Category: Rarity
Species: Alibuck

➙Alibucks have  plus shaped pupils, big bulky front arms, scales on front arms, 4 big claw like toe, 3 dragon-like back toes
➙Long pointy elf like ears however in humanoid form they're slightly shorter
➙Any kind of Antenna on their head (even made up)
➙Feathers that start from the head and mix in with the fur (Males only, females do NOT have these)
➙Square nose
➙Skinny tails only (with the exception of wisp tails) and can have any tail tips (eg: scythe like tail tip, split tail tip, etc)
➙Fur on the tail is allowed but there must be a clear indication from the tail to where the fur flows. It can only flow downwards and not have any layering
➙In humanoid their forearms need to mimic their feral (scaling, more bulky, coloring like the fur)

➙ Their scales can only be one color
➙3 dragon-like toes in humanoid
➙4 claw like fingers in humanoid
➙Eye markings are required, other body markings are allowed but not required in humanoid
➙Unlike other subspecies Ali's can have either smooth or furred legs
➙Their feather crowns mix in with the hair in humanoid
➙Alibucks have specific skin tone ranges unlike most other subspecies


Alibucks have unique ways of communicating. Which may range from deep hums that resonate in the water to chattering which is not only used when hunting, but is also a sound of affection made when greeting loved ones


Alibucks are semi-feral, they do not trust humans or any other species for that matter. They grew up only knowing their kind, some however branched out into other countries and live amongst others


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off base designs

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Lepi (Seasonal)

Category: Rarity
Species: Alibuck

➙Scale plating on front legs only (must be from shoulder to wrist)
➙Three-toed front feet + dew claw
➙Feathers for horns (any kind)
➙Mane fur type only (unless crossbred)
➙Nub tails only (must be furry to some degree)
➙2 sets of ears shaped like butterfly wings (bottom ears must sit in FRONT of top ears)
➙can be shaped like any butterfly wings/doesn't have to be an existing species
➙ear appendages MUST attach to the bottom ear
➙ear appendage can vary in shape at the end as long as it's within reason
➙ears are made of flesh, they are NOT actual wings






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