What are they?

Leobucks are the US subspecies


They have the appearance of a big cat with bunny ears, cat/rabbit feet, a deer-like nose, goat legs, and a variety of horns and tails

➙One of the more common traits amongst Leobucks is their bell(s), but not all of them have bells.

➙Leobucks have a square-shaped nose, this is one of their more defining features


Leobucks are actually born from an egg as humanoids and are not bound to a feral appearance

➙Their humanoid forms should have 4 claw-like fingers on their reference (for normal art pieces you can draw them normal fingers if you wish)

➙They have digitigrade legs with fur that starts from the waist down, it can also start from the thigh down

➙ Chasmic flames, Ghost flames, and Mechas are all Leobuck series that can NOT have humanoid forms

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