Created: 8 August 2023, 15:08:12 PDT
Last updated: 9 August 2023, 12:54:25 PDT
Skaejai, which would later be known as ‘Buckleos’ by humans, is a race from another planet called Ttatkor. They live in clan-like units on their home planet. Clans are similar to how Earth has countries and each clan has guardians known as Yarujai ruling districts within the clans. This is where our story begins, with a clan known as Sraalok.
Sraalok was not a very strong clan but their Yarujai were known as the strongest of all the clans. Eventually one of the Yarujai from Sraalok, Kloud, became greedy- he wanted his clan to be more powerful than the others. All of the clan members were forced to take magic from the tree that give Yarujai their powers which is forbidden since not everyone can handle these powers. Many of the clan members died due to not being able to handle the transformation the tree caused, but this is not the only thing that suffered from this decision; the tree itself withered and permanently changed all of the Sraalok into Yarujai which heavily altered their physical appearance. This decision caused an imbalance in the world and the withered tree started to corrupt the other magic trees and curse the plant life around it which spread like wildfire. Sraalok was soon able to take control of the other clans and made themselves rulers of Ttatkor. Sraalok earned the name Kaeraa, which means "The Betrayer" in Buckleo language.