Spirit Trees

Created: 8 August 2023, 15:55:49 PDT
Last updated: 24 August 2023, 18:36:38 PDT

Each clan on Ttatkor has one spirit tree, these trees are very sacred as it not only gives Yarujai their powers but is a main source of magic on Ttatkor, without these trees life for Buckleos would be very different.

When the clan of Sraalok forcefully took magic from their spirit tree it not only caused an imbalance in their tree but it extended onto the other spirit trees as well as the planet as a whole. With the magical balance tipped it caused all the spirit trees to become corrupted, which soon extended upon all plant life on Ttatkor.

Once the Kaeraa war ended enough magic had returned to Ttatkor for the balance to start being restored. The spirit tress were able to take back their stolen magic from the Kaeraa which cured the corrupt plant life and curses the Kaeraa caused.