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Royals are born into luxury, they are born with wings and an emblem engraved on them signifying they're of royal blood. Each clan has six royal emblems, and each of these emblems have a main royal family representing each one, these main royal families are on a council that makes laws and other important decisions for their clans along with the Yarujai. (These royal families are exclusive to the species creator)

Royals also have branch families that help run imports, banks, companies, and other major corporations. (These royal families are for the public community to make)

Just like humans just because a 'buck is of royal blood it does not mean a branch or family will be the same as another. Some are greedy while some are not, some hide things behind the scenes while others do not, and some are more judgmental, etc. 


Most would compare royal housing to be similar to that of a fantasy tale's castle grounds, however, the buildings Ttatkor royals call home are a bit more of a mix of old and modern.  Usually, the main royal families have bigger estates & land to call their own but the branch families also have rather remarkable housing.  Some main royal families also house buildings for smaller branch families in some cases.

Growing up in a royal home

Royals are usually well-educated and given training for defending themselves. Some would consider the life of a royal to be stressful due to everything that they need to learn however they are still privileged in ways the common folk are not. It's important for a royal household to be well-informed on their branch and the main families since royal families are usually more in the public eye.