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After the buckleos fled their home planet to seek refuge on Earth, and their corrupt plantlife began to tighten it's suffocating grip on the planet was when the curses came. Mutations formed from the mixing and devastation of Earth's natural flora with Ttatkor's own corrupt vegetation. These curses make 'Bucks to take on frightening  new forms, some even able to take on more powerful versions of it. However, those who are afflicted are stuck in these forms. Only some invidivuals learning  how to control it and return to their original forms.
While these four curses reigned during the time of imbalance in the world, upon the end of the Kaeraa War balance was restored to nature and magic, thus the curses vanished fading from the 'Bucks afflicted and freeing them.

Stone of the Prehistoric
The curse upon this stone morphs the 'Buck into a creature remanincent of Earth's ancient fauna, a bipedal creature of fur and scale.
Those with more powerful versions taking on different specimens of that time period.

Dragon Soul   
Mythical creatures in almost every human culture, 'Buck's who are cursed with the dragon soul take the form of a winged beast of scale and fur.
Wide variety in body's and types exist for those who unlock it's potential.

Mark of the Wicked
A creature remarked as demonic in nature, those afflicted with the Mark of the Wicked find themselves swarmed with unknown symbols, hooves instead of paws, and covered in multitudes of goat eyes.
Increased aggression in 'Buck's with this curse can make them dangerous, so be wary.

Lunar Fever
Humans have a story, a myth of a man turned wolf at night. That is this, cursed mushrooms consumed give the 'Buck a powerful bipedal form that's not quite 'Buck, not quite wolf, not quite humanoid.
Unique amongst it's brethren curses, for unlike them this curse allows all afflicted with it to change their form back to their original at will.