Created: 8 August 2023, 18:06:03 PDT
Last updated: 9 August 2023, 12:55:33 PDT
Broken Peace
This era of peace would not last forever, the Kaeraa eventually traced down the Buckleos that fled to earth. Once the Kaeraa arrived they immediately began to wreak havoc on Earth, releasing curses onto Earth that unfortunately began to corrupt some ‘bucks with powers they could not control. Buckleos knew it was finally time to come out, while a few select people knew of their existence beforehand, Buckleos had never come out of hiding to the general public like this before but finally, after all these years they had to show themselves to the world. While Buckleos had hardships to face in front of them, their voices would be heard with the help of the human-made ‘bucks and allies. Most could agree regardless of how they felt about these alien creatures that they both had a common enemy to defeat, Kaeraa. Even other Kaeraa who were against what their clan was doing tried to aid those against them, however sometimes these Kaeraa would be met with distrust and discrimination even if they were trying to help.
The whole world was thrown into chaos, some thought to side with the Kaeraa while most took arms against them. Nations came together in an attempt to create large combat groups to raid and defend against the Kaeraa, both bucks, and humans alike were a part of these groups. These groups not only had to worry about all the Kaeraa and their captains but also the ‘bucks that were being cursed. While some cursed ‘bucks found the ability to wield these newfound powers after much trial, most lost themselves to the curses and ended up hurting others and themselves and had to be killed in order to escape the curse.
(Captains: Captains are Sraalok Yarujai who took from the tree again when Kloud made the clan take powers from their tree on Ttatkor)
Kaeraa Defeat
After 6 years of defeat and success in battle and intellect on both sides, it was time to make the final push to defeat the Kaeraa. The target was Kloud, the one Sraalok who led them all. The hope was to destroy their main leader and cause the remaining Kaeraa to flee since they would no longer have someone to follow. They attacked the Kaeraa in waves, hoping to wear them down long enough to send others far enough in to get to Kloud. Finally, after a long and tiring battle an opening had shown, mostly ‘bucks entered this stage of battle as humans were little to no match against Kloud and other captains. Many ‘bucks and humans alike lost their lives that day, but finally, they had done it. They had defeated Kloud and the captains that followed him. While most expected to continue fighting with straggling Kaeraa, something happened that no one had seen coming. When the Kaeraa died it turned out their powers returned to the tree, and once Kloud fell the mass amounts of power he had taken returned to the tree back on Ttatkor and restored it just enough for it to take back the rest of the powers other Kaeraa had stolen from it. While the power had permanently physically altered the Kaeraa, they all no longer had the power that they stole.
All the corruption caused by the Kaeraa taking from the tree healed, curses and the corrupt plant life were finally cured. While some thought the Kaeraa should be tracked down and killed, others knew not all Kaeraa had supported Kloud- so the Kaeraa were given another chance to rebuild their clan. With the threat of the Kaeraa and the plants now gone, some Buckleos and man-made ‘bucks made the decision to go back to Ttatkor, to continue on with their lives and rebuild what the Kaeraa had taken & some chose to stay with humanity on earth. Unfortunately, Ttatkor was uninhabitable for humans so only ‘bucks could go there. There was a lot to fix, and while some chose to stay in the sky cities on Earth others began to return to the land once overtaken by plants to start rebuilding below. A new age of healing had begun, both on Earth and Ttatkor.