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The Beginning

Buckleos fled their home planet to escape the Kaeraa, in doing so they brought corrupted plant life to Earth. These corrupt plants ended up spreading across the planet quickly, causing a global pandemic. People, animals, and vegetation alike all suffered from this as the plants were carnivorous and deadly to things native to Earth. As humans sought a way to combat this disaster the first ‘Buckleo’ was captured and brought to a military base where they were experimented on. Humans found out that the deadly plant life had no interest in these alien creatures and left them unharmed, this is when humanity decided to use the DNA of these creatures to make a soldier fit for combat against the plant life in an effort to take back Earth.

The First Leobuck

After several failed attempts to make anything that lived past a few weeks of the embryonic stages, humans succeeded in making the first of these creatures, which would be deemed the name Leobucks. While monitoring this first batch of Leobuck fetuses, they created something that appeared like a hybrid instead of the fully human anatomy with the genetic enhancements they expected. They made a creature with humanoid upper body parts and a pawed animal-like lower body.

The lab knew there was still the chance the Leobucks wouldn’t survive past the eventual “hatching”, but much to their surprise, the Leobucks continued to thrive up until the fateful day they were meant to be “born.” Despite the strongest efforts to ensure their survival all but one died shortly after hatching, this first Leobuck would be given the name ‘Alpha.'

Leobuck life

Leobucks were born and raised in the care of LDC (Leobuck Discovery Center), this place was built on military grounds, and it was the new home for all these Leos to live and grow before getting sold. The LDC is where they would go to school to learn the basics like math and literature, and depending on what series (rarity) they were, that would determine what special classes they took. Bells were given to Leobucks as a way to track them and were used as a token of ownership when Leobucks were sold off.

Most Leobucks (Normal, Winged Guardian, Cupid Winged Guardian, Dream Riders) had to take combat classes while others (Aquatic Gems, Sun Gems, Armorless Dream Riders, Snow Racers) took sporting or show classes. One series known as the “Brawler” was an underground series developed for the rich to use in their own expensive version of dog fighting.

Due to having grown up in the LDC, Leobucks never knew anything about the outside world other than what had been taught. They were taught that they must never seek the outside (freedom) for the humans would kill them. This was embedded into their minds since they could understand human communication, this and the many videos they were forced to watch as children showing how corrupted the world was instilled fear into them. Fear of the unknown and the outside world to hopefully keep them all in line.

The First Rogues

As Leos grew smarter some Leobuck children became curious about the unknown world in which they lived. This growing curiosity led them to disregard orders of staying within the walls of the LDC, seeking to know more and wanting to be something other than just government property. These Leobucks would break rules and sneak out, trying to find a way to the outside. This was easy due to the fact the facility wasn't gated in, the humans had been confident the Leobucks would never try to leave after the incident with Alpha. Soon these Leobucks would be referred to as “Rogue Leobucks."

Other Countries

Word got out to other countries about the LDC and lab production into making these Leobucks. At this time, the UK was also dealing with the destructive plant takeover and needed a way to fend it off. Using the US lab blueprints, they created their own “Leobuck” known as a Lycanbuck. Lycanbucks closely resemble Leobucks but instead of big cat DNA, which was proven to be one cause of their feral behavior and hostility, the UK used the DNA of a wolf. Wolves have pack loyalty and would be proven to be a far better choice. One thing they decided to do differently was they wanted these canine counterparts of Leobucks to have more freedom. Most wanted them to have their own will and choose if they wanted to fight the plants instead of being forced into it, they treated these Lycans more like loyal companions usually instead of the tools the US viewed Leos as. With this, mutual respect formed a stronger bond and loyalty to help humanity with its cause. Humans still ‘owned’ these ‘bucks but Lycanbucks did not go through the same type of treatment in mass as Leobucks did. While it was definitely more popular to treat Lycans with respect, not all humans were so willing to treat Lycans this way. Illegal fights and even underground breeding groups existed to produce more Lycans and gain money from them under the radar.

The terming ‘rogue’ still existed for Lycans. To most Lycans, this meant betraying a master, or owner. They were also hunted by ‘Night Plagues’ in order to be brought home or killed if turned rogue. Lycans would also participate in rebellions, trying to fight for rights equal to those of humans. It was even common for Lycans and Leos to join rogue camps together if given the opportunity.

Canada had it the worst. The plant virus spread even more quickly throughout their entire country. And just like the UK, Canada also got wind of the US’s success and retrieved the blueprints, however, the blueprints they had acquired were damaged and missing pages. With not much time left they decided to fill in the missing pieces, which led to an abomination known as Alibucks. Alibucks were given such a name due to the fact that they seemed more alien in comparison to their Leobuck counterparts. Even though it was a failed attempt to recreate the successful Leobuck, Alibucks were still intelligent and functional. But it was too late, the never stopping growth had consumed 86% of Canada, and even in its coldest places, these alien plants evolved and thrived. Canada was done for. The remaining Alibucks were homeless and confused, some migrating to the US while others fled to the other side of the world.

Meanwhile, the LDC was dealing with rogues. They were certain the rogue 'bucks couldn't have gone far due to their lack of knowledge about the outside world, however, since the plant life would attack humans and not 'bucks it became increasingly harder to bring these ‘bucks back. With the fear that more and more 'bucks might do the same and go rogue, certain precautions were made in order to strike fear back into them to ensure they wouldn’t dare try leaving.