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Hunters Beginning
Hunter, a ferocious and insanely large mutated Leobuck was made, the perfect genetically engineered Leobuck hunting dog. He was the lab's greatest chance at ending the rogues & rebellions. He was made to be heartless, unkind, and unremorseful.
He could find all the hidden rogue Leobucks and either slaughter them or bring them back alive, however, bringing them back “alive” was not the full truth. When Hunter arrived with the captured Leobucks, they would be taken to get their “imperfect” coding “reassembled.” Their front limbs and parts of their face were replaced with mechanical parts. With these new changes, their minds were also tampered with. They could no longer think for themselves and seemed like a walking corpse, these Leobucks were called ‘Mechas’ due to the mechanical appearance they now sported. This new method to scare the Leobucks back into submission was somewhat of a success, however, it did not stop all 'bucks from becoming rogue. 
Hunter was allowed to hunt other 'bucks that existed during this time, however, Lycanbucks were still under UK jurisdiction so if caught they would go back to the UK to be dealt with if Hunter caught them alive.  Lycans were turned into Mechas in the UK which was different from the US because Mecha Lycanbucks would keep their conscious, unlike Leobucks.

As time passed, the rogue Leobucks would grow into strong groups, sticking together and finding others like themselves. Rogue camps soon formed rebellions in the hope to take down the lab and set all their brethren free. These free Leos grew smarter and more intelligent with the new knowledge of the world around them, hiding amongst the humans and in the outskirts- slowly building their power.

Into the Skys

With this seemingly apocalyptic world becoming more inevitable, the remaining countries decided to build up, abandoning life on the earth's floor. They built their cities higher so the plants could not reach them and took some of the animals they could save with them. They were able to grow life up there in this new cyberpunk-based sky world. Future humans born and raised here have never known that this world used to be on the floor, and life seemed to just carry on this way, neglecting the war against the plants and just settling as it was.

The Leobuck Research Lab was still booming, even more so now. The desire to own a Leobuck and even their counterparts were growing in demand. The rich sought after owning such a pet and the fighting types (Brawler, Terror, etc) were the best sellers. The hunt for the rogues was not over, as they still needed these ‘Bucks captured for they were the only thing able to stop their newfound way of living. Rogues lived all over, some hid out in the “Sky City” while others remained on the land since the plants didn’t harm them due to the Skaejai (Buckleo) DNA. The land was referred to as “The outskirts” now and no human dares to go down there unless they want to be lost or eaten by the carnivorous alien plant life. Hunter was assigned to patrol the outskirts every day, 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours at night, catching any ‘Buck he could find. With the new growth in popularity of owning ‘Bucks (Leobucks, Lycanbucks, etc.), a ‘Bucks rights activist group was formed by humans. Their goal was to free all the ‘Bucks and be granted the same rights as humans. This group was highly disliked by the rich but efforts to shut it down were not successful.Some new research labs were made to help aid the Buck Rights Activities (BRA) groups in their cause, by taking the DNA of willing ‘Bucks they were able to engineer a new series of ‘Bucks known as a Primal Leobuck and a Seraph Lycanbuck. These two bucks grew massive in size and resembled that of an eastern dragon, they were made with the intent to protect all ‘bucks and take down Hunter along with the LDC.

The Fight Against Hunter
With the numbers of Primals and Seraphs growing, the time for Hunter’s downfall had come. Gathering all the willing rogue ‘bucks and their allies the war for freedom had begun. Fighting Hunter would not be easy, he overpowered them even with their strong numbers. These brave ‘Bucks and humans had no idea that Hunter would also not be alone in this fight. The strong and mighty Beta Leobucks were still under Hunter’s command, these Betas would prove very difficult to defeat as they matched even the power of Primals and Seraphs. Mecha Leos also still being controlled would aid Hunter in this battle as well.
Their first goal was to get Hunter out of the sky, and down below so flightless 'Bucks and humans could attack him easier. Once they had torn his wings and brought the battle to land more casualties piled up. They were struggling to fend off both Hunter and Betas but suddenly a new Leobuck appeared with beautiful large golden wings. All ‘Bucks knew of the legends, of a winged Leo who started it all. Some chose to believe it while others doubted its existence at all but here he was, standing before them all now, Alpha the very first Leobuck that disappeared all those years ago. Alpha's appearance boosted the morale of both ‘bucks and humans alike and the battle continued. After a long and tiring battle, Hunter had finally been defeated but not before costing many their lives and leaving many others wounded. One of the casualties unfortunately was the legend himself, Alpha. After being in hiding all these years he was finally at rest, some would say this ending was befitting of the legend, while others found it tragic.
They had little time to mourn now, however, as the remaining able groups needed to storm the Leobuck Discovery Center and destroy it. They left no lab members alive, killing anyone in the lab. With the lab destroyed and the people in it who made the Leobucks dead, the production of leobucks would finally be ended permanently. The Betas and Mecha Leos who aided Hunter in the battle were finally freed from his control. While this meant a new chance at life for Betas, Mechas Leos were too far gone to really be considered ‘alive’ anymore since they lost all sense of self the moment they turned Mecha, so they were finally all laid to rest and shut down. These Mecha Leos would pave the way for a new era of Mecha for Lycanbucks and later Vulkitbucks to be used for good and not control, as the blueprints of Mecha Leos would be used to help Lycans who were injured in the war and needed these mecha additions to survive but they would not lose their sense of self nor be controlled. These same blueprints would later be used for Vulkits and other Lycans who would be given a chance at surviving by becoming Mecha.
While this battle gave ‘Bucks their freedom and rights equal to humans, there were still many who would discriminate against them and try to oppose this movement.
After Hunter

After the defeat of Hunter and the end of Leobuck production, a new ‘buck' was made in Asia. With the help of the UK and LRA, they produced these smaller bucks which were given the name Vulkitbuck. Vulkits were created to help out their country's population after suffering from the plant overtake and easily molded into society there. While some discussed if this was the right thing to do after all that happened in the US, Vulkits were guaranteed rights from birth that Leos didn’t get to see until way later in life. These Vulkits ended up helping in more ways than just the original intent as well. For some reason, these ‘bucks were becoming more popular in the media scene over the years and actually helped more people begin to understand and accept ‘bucks as part of human society. While discrimination still existed, what most would call an era of peace finally began as most humans had accepted living in the sky rather than on the land since the deadly plant life still existed most people were just content to live above it all.