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clan life
Skaejai, commonly known as Buckleo, live in a clan-like unit on their home planet. Clans are similar to how Earth has countries.
Each Clan's life is slightly different from the other. Their world is similar to Earth’s in the way it functions; water, grass, mountains, and cities. However, plant life is completely different than that of Earth. Ttatkor and Earth are similar enough though to make coexistence between Buckleos and Earthlings possible. Earthlings however could not survive on the planet of Ttatkor.
Clans are separated into districts, “Yarujai” (Ah-rouge-eye) run & maintains these districts with other 'bucks they select to work closely with them as well as main royal families.
Skaejai are born into their clans and cannot change, however, they may abandon their clan if they wish. Skaejai are free to be with other clans members but where they are born is what clan they belong to.
Clans exist on both Ttatkor and Earth. Buckleo’s may have both a Skaejai name and an Earth name.
Rohroa Clan

Rohroa (Row-ray) Clan is known for their destructive nature. They are not a bad clan this just means they tend to be more violent and predictable when enraged.

This clan specializes in stealth and are very clever. They are the strongest clan with a large population.

Aoulaa Clan

Aoulaa (Oh-uh-lay) Clan is known for their intelligence & sharp sense of character, they are usually pretty good and telling fakes. Aoulaa typically will think more rationally and calmly than other clans. Don’t let their calm demeanor fool you, they are quick to snap the necks of those who do them wrong.

Known for their weapon-wielding strength, Aoulaa is dubbed the “Protection Clan”. They often bump heads with Rohroa, especially since they neighbor each other and tend to think they're superior to them.

Tteborem Clan

Tteborem (Eh-Bre-am) clan is known for their pride. Dubbed “Lion Heart Clan”, this clan is very courageous! They are always the first clan to want to be and do better, they try their hardest to protect all clans. Tteborem seem to be very selfless in nature, they are always so charismatic towards others.

This clan is rather small however due to the war against the Kaeraa (Eye-ruh) many decades ago back in their homeland.

Zulaarak Clan

Zulaarak (Za-lay-reck) Clan is known for their mysterious characteristics. They typically stay out of clan affairs and don’t really care for others. Members of this clan tend to be more cruel and dangerous. Rumors say they are allies with the Kaeraa.

They specialize in shadow stalking, as they can make themselves seem like they have no presence.

Hosaa Clan

Hosaa (Ho-suh) clan is known for their gentle and sweet nature. They are rather nurturing to others and always willing to help out. Members of this clan tend to be rather shy to other clans. They are sharp with wisdom and the most friendly.

They specialize in healing

Sraalok Clan

Sraalok were not a very strong clan but their Yarujai were known as the strongest of all the clans. Eventually one of the Yarujai from Sraalok, Kloud, became greedy- he wanted his clan to be more powerful than the others. All of the clan members were forced to take magic from the tree that give Yarujai their powers which is forbidden since not everyone can handle these powers. Many of the clan members died due to not being able to handle the transformation the tree caused, but this is not the only thing that suffered from this decision; the tree itself withered and permanently changed all of the Sraalok into Yarujai which heavily altered their physical appearance. This decision caused an imbalance in the world and the withered tree started to curse the plant life around it which spread like wild-fire. Sraalok was soon able to take control of the other clans and made themselves rulers of Ttatkor. Sraalok earned the name Kaeraa, which means "The Betrayer" in Buckleo language. Taking over Ttatkor was not enough for Kloud though and eventually the Kaeraa followed after the buckleos who fled from Ttatkor to Earth to start their quest for world domination.

Only Kaeraa can be a part of this clan